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If your loved one behaves in toxic or aggressive ways, it’s best to talk this over with a therapist and develop a plan to keep yourself safe. Remember that addiction alcoholic rage syndrome is a serious disease, and you’re doing the best you can. Try to nurture feelings of patience and self-love, especially on the days you feel those emotions the least.

The treatment should target both the person’s mental health and substance use disorder as two parts of a whole. Sometimes, drinking alcohol can cause people to become an “angry drunk”. Integrated treatment involves treating both disorders at the same time. This can allow you to treat the symptoms of your mental health disorder without turning to alcohol or drugs. Articles were selected on the basis of their contribution to the field of alcohol-related brain damage research, with a particular focus on neuropathological and neuroimaging studies in humans. Referenced articles were mostly identified from MEDLINE using access search engines PubMed and NLM Gateway.

How alcohol contributes to aggression

Heightened responses due to alcohol consumption can make anger intensified. Identifying those factors that might contribute to heightened anger when consuming alcohol is important for individuals who have anger issues and those who treat them. Increasingly, research offers answers to determine this interaction.

To do that, they can set boundaries around their emotional, physical, and financial relationship, for example that the house will remain an alcohol-free zone. They can research alcoholism to understand the underpinnings of the disorder, the signs of an overdose, and other important information. They can discuss co-occurring mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. They can seek help from peer support groups and mental health professionals as well. It requires immediate treatment to relieve symptoms and avoid complications. Advanced stages of the disease include neurological symptoms such as severe confusion and disorientation.

Cognitive Function

When someone battles AUD, they are also less likely to consistently take care of regular obligations, which can impact interpersonal relationships and their home environment. These issues can then lead to more anger and further difficulty controlling emotions and outbursts. The ultimate goal is to help them get into a treatment program that addresses their substance abuse and the way it causes them to behave. But this is often easier said than done, and mean drunks can turn violent when provoked — meaning that if you share a living space with one, your safety should be your main priority. If your pattern of drinking results in repeated significant distress and problems functioning in your daily life, you likely have alcohol use disorder. However, even a mild disorder can escalate and lead to serious problems, so early treatment is important.

alcoholic rage syndrome

These programs organize your treatment session based on your schedule. The goal of outpatient treatment is to provide therapy, education, and support in a flexible environment. Groups like Al-Anon or Al-Teen are available to help support people who have been affected by a loved one’s alcoholism. BetterHelp offers affordable mental health care via phone, video, or live-chat. The inability to control or suppress your emotions can lead to inappropriate or dangerous situations.

Social factors of alcohol and rage

If your behavior fits the description of an angry drunk, it may be difficult to admit you behaved that way under the influence. Many people whose behavior changes drastically with drinking have a hard time believing it when they’re sober. But the best choice for you and the people around you is to enter treatment and work to become a better person. Many people with alcohol use disorder hesitate to get treatment because they don’t recognize that they have a problem. An intervention from loved ones can help some people recognize and accept that they need professional help.

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